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NJ Home Rescue is unwavering in its dedication to ensuring a secure online browsing experience for our valued users while upholding your trust and assurance. This Privacy Policy elucidates the nature of both 'Personally Identifiable' and 'Anonymous' data that NJ Home Rescue accrues through the offerings and interactions on our website, (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), and the methods by which we process such information.

Data garnered

  • through online means or telephonic communications is conventionally classified as either 'Anonymous' or 'Personally Identifiable':

Anonymous (or Technical) Information

  • implies data that cannot be linked to a distinct individual. For example, while we are aware that numerous visitors have accessed this privacy policy page, we don't necessarily ascertain their names, residences, or email addresses. Furthermore, certain pages on our website capture technical details about your browsing session such as browser type, ISP, referring/exit pages, platform type, date/time stamp, number of clicks, domain name, and region/state. Such data may be utilized to discern trends, manage our website, and monitor our site's usage patterns. Information derived from engagements of this nature is categorized as "anonymous information." Accessing the website may also prompt an cookie to be generated. This cookie facilitates in accumulating such anonymous or technical information to ensure the delivery of the desired services to you.

Personally Identifiable Information

  • pertains to data that provides specific insights about an individual, like their name, email, or contact number. This kind of information is vital for delivering the bespoke services a user seeks. Precisely, this data is requisite for us to initiate contact with you. We anticipate that you'd perceive it advantageous to share the solicited 'Personally Identifiable Information' with, enabling us to furnish our premier services to you.

By navigating this website, you're endorsing the protocols articulated in this Privacy Policy. Your engagement and any privacy-related contention are governed by this Privacy Policy.

We offer assistance to homeowners in New Jersey, helping them divest unwanted real estate that poses challenges or induces stress.

Our digital footprint can be found at:

Our office location is:

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Office Hours: M-F 9-5, Sat 10-2

Data We Accumulate

The terms "Anonymous" and "Personally Identifiable Information" denote details that can identify you as a distinct individual. Such information is what you willingly provide through the forms embedded in our site when soliciting a cash proposition for your property.

Our electronic forms will garner specific "Personal Information" encompassing: Name, Residential, Work, or Cell Phone Number (whichever you offer), Email Address, and Property Address. During our consultative dialogue, we might solicit supplementary information to present a proposal for your property. This may include: Subdivision, Alternate Mailing Address (if distinct from the Property Address), Property's Current Status, In-depth Property Data (enumerating bedrooms, bathrooms, levels, property square footage, plot size, age, property condition, presence of a garage or basement, and property valuation), Mortgage Details (primary mortgage balance, other mortgage amounts, aggregate balance of all mortgages and liabilities, combined monthly obligations towards mortgages and debt, present payment standing, outstanding amount for arrears), and Selling Data (rationale for selling, intended timeframe, listing status, and desired sale price).

Duration of Data Retention

Should you post a comment on our platform, the comment alongside its associated metadata is preserved indefinitely. Our rationale behind this is to maintain the repository of valuable inquiries and responses that have been curated on our site over time. Nonetheless, should you desire the removal of your comment, a simple requisition to us will suffice, and we shall promptly address your request. Our website administrators possess the capability to view and amend this information.

Data amassed by Google Analytics regarding your site visitation (originating site, pages accessed, duration per page, device employed, demographic bracket, etc.) is retained for a span of 26 months. It is paramount to note that such data remains entirely dissociated from Personally Identifiable Information, thereby ensuring we remain oblivious to the individual identity behind a specific site visit.

Utilization of Your Data

When you entrust us with Personally Identifiable Information, it remains confined within NJ Home Rescue's operational framework, primarily to assist in formulating our cash offers on properties. NJ Home Rescue staunchly abstains from trading, disseminating, or granting access to your data to any external entities without your unequivocal consent. The essence of our interactions with you is anchored on the judicious use of Personal Information to better understand the properties and tailor our offers accordingly; thus, we are not predisposed to externalizing this data.

However, should we determine that your property does not align with our acquisition criteria, we may elect to share your information with a professional investor possessing the requisite capital to extend a cash offer. Rest assured, such sharing is solely in the interest of providing you with a potential opportunity and will always be executed with discretion.

We otherwise divulge Personal Information in line with the stipulations laid out here, and in collaboration with pivotal affiliates of NJ Home Rescue instrumental in streamlining our property acquisition processes.

Data Safeguarding

NJ Home Rescue prioritizes the protection of Personal Information. However, there are specific circumstances under which we might have to disclose such data:

  1. Legal Compliance: When obligated to do so by legal mandates such as lawful subpoenas, court orders, or warrants that mandate the disclosure of specific information.
  2. Terms Enforcement: To ensure the adherence to, and enforcement of, the Conditions & Terms of use pertaining to our website.
  3. Protection of Interests: To uphold and secure the rights, property, and safety of NJ Home Rescue. This includes but is not limited to, countering fraudulent, abusive, or unlawful engagements with our site.
  4. Emergent Circumstances: In instances where we ascertain that an immediate threat, potential fatality, or severe physical harm to an individual necessitates the revelation of specific communications or justifies the disclosure of personal records.

Data Utilization for Internal Review

We employ Personal Information for in-house analytical objectives. This might include estimating the volume of our audience, recognizing demographic shifts, comprehending customer inclinations, and observing other patterns among our visitors.

Digital Safety Protocols manages robust data infrastructures safeguarded by industry-standard firewall mechanisms and authentication systems. We regularly reassess and augment our security and privacy protocols as necessary. Access to the data submitted by our clientele is restricted to specific authorized personnel.

Google Analytics Deployment

Google Analytics, a comprehensive web metric tool by Google, allows us to record website interactions and visitor statistics. When navigating our platform, Google Analytics records IP addresses and timestamps of visits. This data aids us in discerning trends, tracking visitor behavior, and amassing broad demographic insights. Our primary goal for utilizing this information is to refine your website experience and tailor our marketing initiatives to resonate with the appropriate demographic.

Crucially, IP addresses logged are never associated with personally identifiable details. Hence, while we can observe activity on our website, individual user identities remain concealed. Additionally, data such as referral sources, visit duration, exit points, user age groups, browsers, and OS types can be collected to further refine our website experience.

Engagement through Contact Forms

Information garnered via our contact forms is exclusively used for facilitating communication with our visitors. This data is not disseminated or shared upon submission with external platforms or third-party services. Upon submitting our site's contact form, recorded data includes the input details and the user's IP address, maintained for administrative reference.

Cookie Utilization

"Cookies" refer to fragments of data dispatched from a website to your web browser, which then stores them. They empower us to tailor and enhance your online experience. While navigating our site, you can ascertain the active cookies on each page. For those employing Google Chrome, by selecting the green lock icon adjacent to our website's URL in your browser, you can view the specific cookies in operation.

How to determine what cookies are utilized by

Should you prefer, it's straightforward to modify your browser settings to deactivate cookies:

Impact of Disabling Cookies

It's important to note that declining cookies may hinder certain features of our website, potentially reducing its overall functionality.

Opt-Out of Cookies Policy


Cookies are small files stored on your device that websites use to remember information about users. While cookies can enhance your online experience by saving your preferences, we understand and respect the privacy concerns of our users.

How to Opt-Out of Cookies

If you wish to control or opt-out of various cookies set by our website, here's how you can do it:

  1. Browser Settings: The easiest way to opt-out of cookies is by adjusting your web browser settings. Most browsers allow users to see what cookies are currently stored on the computer and selectively delete them, or to disable cookies altogether.
    • Google Chrome: Go to 'Settings' > 'Advanced' > 'Privacy and security' > 'Site settings' > 'Cookies'. Here, you can turn off cookies.
    • Mozilla Firefox: Go to 'Options' > 'Privacy & Security'. Under 'Cookies and Site Data', you can click on 'Clear Data' or 'Manage Data'.
    • Safari: Go to 'Preferences' > 'Privacy'. Here you can block cookies.
    • Internet Explorer: Click on the 'Tools' icon > 'Internet Options' > 'Privacy'. Adjust the slider to choose your preferred settings.
  2. Third-Party Tools: There are many third-party software applications that can help you recognize and control cookies and other tracking technologies.
  3. Do Not Track (DNT) Browser Setting: DNT is a feature offered by some browsers which, when enabled, sends a signal to websites to request that your browsing isn't tracked. While our website respects the DNT signals, not all websites do.
  4. Check Cookie Notifications: Some websites provide notifications that allow users to opt-out of tracking cookies the first time they visit. Always look for such notifications and make a choice that suits you.

Consequences of Opting-Out

While you have the right to opt-out of cookies, be aware that doing so might impact certain functionalities of our website. Some features may rely on cookies and might not work as intended if cookies are disabled.

Third-Party Behavioral Tracking Please be informed that we do permit third-party behavioral tracking on our website.

Protection of Minors Our website is not designed to cater to or gather Personal Information from individuals below the age of 18. Following the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act guidelines, minors under 18 years old are advised not to share any Personally Identifiable Information on our platform.

Upholding Fair Information Practices The principles of Fair Information Practices are pivotal in shaping U.S. privacy law and have significantly influenced the formulation of global data protection regulations. It's vital for us to align with these principles to maintain compliance with privacy laws safeguarding personal data.

If a data breach happens, we pledge to:

  • Inform affected users via email within 24 hours.

We also stand by the Individual Redress Principle. This principle allows individuals to legally pursue rights against data handlers and processors who neglect to uphold the law. It ensures individuals have not only legal rights against such entities but also avenues through courts or regulatory agencies to investigate and possibly prosecute non-compliant data handlers.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

Your Personal Information may be transferred to, stored on, and processed by systems situated outside your local jurisdiction, where data protection laws might vary. If you are accessing our site from outside the United States and decide to share information with us, be aware that we transfer and process the data, including Personal Information, in the United States. By engaging with our website and submitting your information, you consent to these data transfers.

Your Data Rights

You possess the right to request the erasure of your data, a right commonly known as "the right to be forgotten." At any point, you can request the deletion of the information we've accumulated about you, with exceptions for data we are legally bound to preserve for legal, administrative, or security reasons. If you have an account with us, you can also ask for a downloadable file containing the personal data we've stored about you. For both these requests, please reach out to:

Updates to Privacy Policy

Should we revise our privacy policy, the updated version will appear on this segment of our website, ensuring you remain informed about our data collection, usage, and potential disclosure practices. We encourage periodic reviews of our privacy policy to stay abreast of any alterations.


Your privacy is important to us, and we strive to respect and offer tools and resources that empower our users. If you have further questions about our cookie practices or want to know more about how to protect your online privacy, please contact our support team.